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Flint Motor Company History

The Flint was an automobile marque that was assembled by the Flint Motors Division, Flint, Michigan between 1923 and 1927. Flint Motors was a wholly owned subsidiary of Durant Motors Company (USA).


The Flint was considered an assembled car because Durant Motors used components manufactured by outside suppliers to build its automobile lines. The cars were powered by a 6 cylinder Continental engine, and its body stampings were made by Budd in Philadelphia.

Design origin

The origins of the Flint can be traced back to the Willys car company, which had been working on a prototype for a proposed 6-cylinder car. Willys had to sell off this prototype as part of its efforts to raise cash during a financial crisis. Once acquired, this prototype was further modified to create the Flint.

Company demise

Following financial troubles at Durant Motors, the Flint was discontinued in 1927. The Flint was priced to compete with Buick, which was also assembled in Flint, Michigan.

Production model specifications

  • Flint Six “55” Four Door Brougham
  • Flint Six “55” Four Door Brougham specifications (1926 data)
    • Color – Optional
    • Seating Capacity – Five
    • Wheelbase – 120 inches
    • Wheels – Artillery
    • Tires - 32” x 6.20” balloon
    • Service Brakes – Hydraulic, expanding on four wheels
    • Emergency Brakes – Contracting on rear
    • Engine - Eight cylinder, vertical, cast en block, 3-3/8 x 5 inches; head removable; valves in side; H.P. 27.34 N.A.C.C. rating
    • Lubrication – Force feed
    • Crankshaft - Seven bearing
    • Radiator – Cellular type
    • Cooling – Centrifugal pump
    • Ignition – Storage Battery
    • Starting System – Two Unit
    • Voltage – Six to eight
    • Wiring System – Single
    • Gasoline System – Vacuum
    • Clutch – Single plate
    • Transmission – Selective sliding
    • Gear Changes – 3 forward, 1 reverse
    • Drive – Spiral bevel
    • Springs – Semi-elliptic
    • Rear Axle – Semi-floating
    • Steering Gear – Ross cam and lever

    Standard equipment

    New car price included the following items:

    • tools
    • jack
    • speedometer
    • ammeter
    • motometer with lock
    • electric horn
    • transmission theft lock
    • automatic windshield cleaner
    • demountable rims
    • stop light
    • front bumper
    • spare tire carrier
    • rear view mirror
    • sun visor
    • cowl ventilator
    • headlight dimmer
    • clock
    • closed cars have heater and dome light.

    Optional equipment

    The following was available at an extra cost:

    • extra tire
    • tube
    • rim
    • tire cover
    • gasoline gauge on dash


    New car prices were F.O.B. factory, plus Tax:

    • Five Passenger Touring - $1595
    • Four Passenger Coupé - $2195
    • Five Passenger Sedan - $2285
    • Five Passenger Brougham - $2735
    • Four Passenger Sport Roadster - $1950





Flint Motor Co. 


The Flint Motor Co. began as a division of Durant Motors by William Crapo Durant. Around 1922, Durant was forced to resign as president of General Motors. In an attempt to maintain General Motors' worth, he bought most of the General Motors stock to prevent bankruptcy. Durant then purchased 100 acres on South Saginaw Street to build the "Flint Six" cars which included sedans, roadsters and touring cars. (The picture above is of a Five-Passenger "60" Touring Car). The 1.5 million square foot building, the largest of its kind in the world at that time, was finally completed in October of 1923; however, the first car was manufactured the first of October. In the first eight months of operation, the value of the company rose from the initial $5 million to an estimated $18 million. By 1926, the building proved to be too large for manufacturing operations. The same year General Motors purchased the plant for $4 million and became the largest of the Fisher Body plants. After the sale of his building, Durant moved the Flint Motor Co. to Elizabeth, New Jersey in an attempt to bolster his failing Durant Motor Company. The depression of 1929 completely wiped out the last traces of Durant's companies. As a result, Durant lost $40 million. (1)

 Photo Credit: The Flint Public Library Collection
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Flint Motor Co. Car Catalog of 1926 Models of the Flint Motor Company.
(1)Letter from Alan Dyer, Flint Public Library librarian, to Dr. T.A. Nutley, April 25, 1967.

 Researched by: Clement 8/98


Flint Automobile Company

Automobiles produced by Flint should not be confused with those manufactured by the Flint Automobile Company, founded by A. B. C. Hardy in 1901, and which went out of business in 1903 after manufacturing only 52 automobiles in the $750–$850 price range.